Personalized Confections

Oh Là Là Cake Creations’ dazzling, personalized confections are a sensuous, sensational and striking accompaniment to any wedding or special occasion.

There is an expansive and exclusive range of confections to choose from including chocolates and truffles, my own personal specialities! As is characteristic of all my work, my artisan chocolates and truffles are affectionately and thoughtfully hand-crafted using professional brands such as Felchlin and Valrhona.

Whatever you’re looking for - chocolates, truffles, petit fours, brownies, candies, cakes  or cupcakes - I use only the best ingredients with no preservatives and can endeavour to meet any specific dietary requirements, including dairy and gluten free.

Book a personal appointment today to discuss your scrumptious dream confectioneries.


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Learn to make mouth-watering treats, delicious delicacies and exciting goodies in our Oh Là Là Cake Creations Classes. Stun your family as you present them with home baked, restaurant quality desserts.

Belle Wiskind, our top in-house Pastry Chef’s will help you master the skills and techniques required for extravagant home baking in our modern, fully equipped kitchen.

Oh Là Là Cake Creations will give you a unique baking experience that you will never forget. You’ll be the envy of all your friends and your tastebuds will thank you!

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