Who is behind Oh Là Là Cake Creations:

A Passion is Born

Brazilian artist Isabel Wiskind has lived and breathed food her entire life.

As a child, Isabel was drawn into the culinary world on her family’s ranch. She helped her grandfather to pick fruit and strawberries, milk cows and grow vegetables. Her father taught her to make an array of compotes and jams and showed her how to incorporate them into every kind of food. Each day when she arrived home from school, her grandmother would be there to greet her with delicious homemade cakes.

Everything in Isabel’s childhood was fresh, organic, clean and natural — a value that has followed her throughout her life and is clearly evident in Oh Là Là Cake Creations.

Nurturing the Gifts

As Isabel’s passion grew, so did her experience and expertise. Her formal education afforded her a BA in Arts, an MA in Linguistics and an MA Gastronomy in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wanting to take this knowledge straight into the kitchen, Isabel worked with a wide variety of cuisines including Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French. It very quickly became clear that Isabel had a natural talent for Culinary Arts and Design - an identity that fit neatly with her emerging interest in joining the new world of Cake Designers and Confectioners.

Creating Something New

More than a decade of life in San Francisco has helped to shape Isabel’s talent and interest. She has been teaching and baking for  17 years now, frequenting the Le Cordon Blue California Culinary Academy and working in patisseries, bakeries and fine dining restaurants across the San Francisco Bay Area. Isabel has had the privilege of working with many Chefs, her biggest influence having come from working in La Folie Restaurant.

Now ready to develop her own vision, Isabel confidently stepped out to begin her own baking business.

Oh Là Là Cake Creations is the culmination of a lifetime’s passion, knowledge and experience. Everything is fresh, organic, clean and natural, just like her family taught her on the ranch.

Isabel has found her calling, bringing the best Mother Nature has to offer into one of California’s most beloved and bustling cities with her delicious and decadent cakes!

Business Consulting:

If you are a restaurant owner and would like some advice developing your desserts menu then I’d love to get alongside you!

As a widely experienced Cake Design, Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and Teacher, I can provide you with expert advice that will help you to thrive in this industry.  

Please contact me if you’re interested.